Who Is In Charge of Your Wedding Dreams

bigstock-precious-newlyweds-32491892Picture this if you will, you are in a Vera Wang, feather covered, diamond white gown. Your hair is cascading down your back in beachy waves. You just lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. Your engagement ring is sparkling clean, your dad is in a tux, your brother actually got a haircut and ALL of the people you care about are sitting in white chivari chairs awaiting your arrival into the reception hall. But wait, you and your new hubby are still standing there waiting. The DJ doesn’t seem to know what to do and the wrong song is playing. No one knows what is supposed to happen next. If ONLY there was a Reception Planner timeline in play!!!

What is a “Reception Planner” timeline you ask? It is a detailed list of EVERYTHING that is going on during your wedding day reception. Details like: Why are the guests wandering by the dessert table? When do the caterers pass the appetizers? When do the bartenders uncork the champagne? What song should the DJ play for the Grand Entrance? Where does the bridal party (and in what order) line up for the Grand Entrance?  I know, I know, you didn’t think about this part of your wedding day. It’s ok. That’s why you already hired a professional Disc Jockey.

Ok, where were we? Oh, yes. What do we do after the Grand Entrance? Dance? Toast? Eat? When do the caterers serve the food? Is it even ready? When do we Throw The Bouquet? How will we know? Are the toasts now? But the serving staff hasn’t poured the champagne! What? What about the father/daughter dance? Don’t worry, it will all take care of itself. NO IT WON’T! It must be on Reception Planner!!

So now that you are freaking out a little, and pretty much ready to give up, RELAX. Here is where your professional Disc Jockey comes in. Even if you have a timeline with all of these items included, who will execute them all? Who will ensure that all of the vendors will know what to do and when to do it? What if someone forgets to do what they are supposed to do? Who will ensure that things are adapted in order to accommodate the change? Yup, you guessed it, your professional Disc Jockey. Included in my Reception Planner are many details that I haven’t mentioned.  I can’t give away ALL of my secrets, can I? But it also includes vendor arrivals and set ups with phone numbers to coordinate any changes if needed.  Yes, it will work like clockwork because your professional Disc Jockey has pre-planned it ALL.

So if cousin Bob says, “Suzycue, I can do all of this for you and bring my 10,000 songs Ipod. Let’s just write it all down and it will be fine!”.  No offense cousin Bob, but it will NOT be fine. The most important aspect of the Reception Planner is the person who controls the execution of it all. Why is it so important that he/she controls the Reception Planner? Because the professional Disc Jockey is the common denominator between all of the components of your wedding day reception. The DJ should know if the photographer is running behind and can tell the caterer to hold off on the main course. The DJ will know if uncle Ron is giving an impromptu toast and that they need to pour the champagne early. When another vendor or guest tries to control the Reception Planner chaos can, and most likely will, ensue.

Yes, a Professional Disc Jockey is an additional expense. But without this priceless expense, you are in danger of throwing your Wedding Day dream out the window when everything you have spent so much time and effort on falls apart! You need Carolina Dance & Sounds to hold it all together and make YOUR dreams a reality!

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