Wedding -Should We Have a Do Not Play List?

There is nothing a DJ fears more than when the Bride and Groom produce a list of all the songs they don’t want played during their reception – the dreaded “Do Not Play” list. Generally, this list consists of longtime party favorites like “YMCA”, “The Chicken Dance”, and “Macarena”, just to name a few.

After reviewing the list with the bride and groom, we share that many of the songs on their list would surely fill the dance floor and keep the party rockin’. The usual response is “it’s my reception and I don’t want to hear that song”. There is no argument that a reception should reflect the personalities of the bride and groom but there should also be some flexibility allotted to the DJ to appeal to all of your guest’s varied tastes.

Most DJ’s find it incredibly frustrating when a bride and groom invite families, with many children in attendance, yet they won’t allow the DJ to play any “Teen Queen” music, or entertain with the “Chicken Dance” or “YMCA”. The end result is that the children get bored and have no way to burn off excess energy. Guess what happens then? They’re begging mom and dad to take them home. Or worse, start crawling under the buffet table while mom and dad frantically try to find them.

Before you and your finace sit down to compile your “Do Not Play” list, ask yourself a couple of questions:

1. How many children and teens will be in attendance? Understand their music tastes.
2. Even if I don’t like a particular song or group, if a guest wants to hear it, can I tolerate it so they can have a good time?
3. Can I trust the DJ I hired to use all the music at his disposal to ensure everyone has fun?

Everyone has their likes and dislikes when it comes to music, especially those who play it for a living. A good DJ will be able to, as they say, “check their opinions at the door” and gladly play the music you request. After all, it’s YOUR day, not theirs! By giving the DJ some direction and generalized tips, they can work up a playlist that will be entertaining for all the varied age groups in attendance at a typical wedding. Catering to the musical preferences of all your guests is a skill that separates the novice entertainer from the experienced professional.

In closing, a good DJ understands when the couple doesn’t want to hear Hard Rock or Rap because they have a very limited audience and appeal, especially to grandma and grandpa who are in attendance. However, it’s a good idea to move from the “it’s my reception” thought process to let’s celebrate our special day with our guests”. It’s a sure fire recipe for success and a day of FUN and celebration!

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