Is Your DJ Insured?

unique red umbrellaI received a call on Friday for a wedding to be held the very next day!  Talk about cutting it close.  So what happened you ask?  Apparently the bride and groom had a DJ contracted to perform at their reception at a prestigious event hall located in the Columbia area.  So, of course, this event hall (being prestigious and all) wants proof that their contracted DJ has insurance.  However, when it came time for the DJ to prove that they were insured (which happened to be the day before the wedding), the DJ got offended.  Crazy!

Just so you know, DJs who are actually insured will NEVER get offended to prove they are insured.  In fact, they are more than happy to show proof of insurance.  You see this is money the DJ has spent and the more people who want to see it the better.  If your DJ gets offended or hesitates to show proof of insurance, this should be your red flag.  Additionally, the customer should never just take the DJ’s word, make them prove it.  Luckily for this bride and groom I was available.  And using my Master Reception Planner & Timeline, I was able to fax the form to the bride and groom to complete and fax back.  That night after their rehearsal dinner, I reviewed the completed form over the phone with them.  All their planning just about went out the window.  The reception was smooth and I received many compliments from the parents and friends of the happy couple, the photographer and venue coordinator.

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