Harry Potter Wedding reception venue Rock Hill, SC

McBryde Hall Ceiling


The students call it the Harry Potter Hall, though its real name is McBryde Hall which is on the campus of Winthrop University. I discovered it on a recent campus tour with my senior. It is a very spacious facility with a beautiful wooden beam ceiling. The ceiling is why the students refer to it as the Harry Potter hall.

After reading a few reviews from former students and locals who rented it out for wedding receptions, it seems to to a great venue. They said that the their staff was very attentive to the bride and groom’s needs, it was very affordable and the campus location and local gardens made for wonderful pictures.

So if you are in the Rock Hill, SC area and looking for a venue for your wedding reception give the McBryde Hall a call 803-323-2211 or visit the website www.winthrop.edu.

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