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Pawley’s Island Wedding June 16, 2012

I helped a fellow DJ out and had the privilege of djing for another amazing bride and groom at Pawley’s Island. Here are some pictures and videos of that wedding.  

Kroske/Branham Wedding December 19, 2009

Another great December wedding at the Newberry country club.  This was another very energetic crowd with a lot of dancing, including a lot of line dancing.  The bride’s parents told me that their guest had said that this was the best reception they have ever been to.  What a complement and I am so honored to…..

Cooper Wedding, December 12, 2009

There was hope for an outdoor wedding at The Corely Mills House, however, mother nature did not cooperate. The ceremony was moved indoors where I provided the music. And though it was very cold and raining outside, inside the reception hall, people were sweating from all the dancing. This wedding reception used some of the formalities…..